Friday, December 12, 2008

Pack mule?

Pack Mule ?

* Pack Mule -- Summons a pack mule, giving you access to any bank items for 3 min. The mule may only be summoned once.
* Summon Faithful Mule -- Summons your faithful pack mule, giving you access to any bank items for 3 min.

OMFG!!! I hope this goes in! Go here for more info.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fun for All!!!!!!!



Time to change it up!

Well after reading this from Doofy, I think its about time Dradis went under the knife... so to speak. I had heard rumors from some of you guys about his, and looks like you guys were on the money! It will also give me a chance to pick a new skin color and I may even do a name change. Whenever I think of my little Dradis, I always think of a woman. That won't do.

So I have been trying to think up some new names. Here is what I have come up with:


Hopefully one of those is free. If not, sticking with the name Dradis won't be the end of the world, but it will feel a little... weird.

On a different note, I have been working on leveling up Ryukyu on my brother's server. Let me tell you, leveling as Ret is soooooo easy now. I rarely drop below 90% health and mana. I think the reason for that is the lack of Divine Storm. The excess mana means I can hit those Art of War procs every single time they are up. Also, if I have to burn up extra mana for Consecrate, Bubble, in fight heals, or whatever, I don't have to stop and drink because I get surplus mana from JotW right now. No Divine Storm means lots of extra mana. Its a great thing. At level 54 its really not needed either. I put out about 210 dps right now on average. Its not great, but its more then enough to mow down old world mobs and not think twice about it. I also had been running around without any glyphs. I just added Glyph of Judgement and Glyph of Seal of Command right before I logged off. I should see at least a small DPS increase off of those. Anyway, I will report back on the leveling front once I get past 60.

By the way, once Ryukyu gets past 62, he will be only the second character that I would have leveled from 1-62. Lets hope I can stick it out with him to see him through to 80. After all, the game is a bit a easier now as far as rep and such goes, so it should allow me to play two characters at the same time without much of hassle. And since I work third shift, there is no danger of me ever getting into a hardcore raiding schedule, so it should work out. If not, then I will have to pick a toon... again.

Last thing. I am thinking about replacing my venerable Saitek Gaming Pad (link), with this new offering from Logitech. What do we think?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ding 51!!!!

Did Blizz take my levels away? What the hell is this ding 51 stuff? Well I have started leveling my Horde Pally again. I think I just like to level. Also, I have always wanted to see things from the Horde side. So far, the quests are very different (unless its neutral like Steamwheedle Cartel or something). The art direction is very different too, as well as how the different races seem to interact with each other.

Alliance, for the most part, is very cohesive and there is a decent amount of trust among among the races. The humans might have a slight superiority complex. For the most part though, no race is overly concerned about the other. They all also seem to have the same goals. Mainly, stop Arthas and maybe squash the Horde.

Horde is a bit different. No cohesive goals. No cohesive plan other then the Alliance has to die. Arthas should probably be killed too because he insulted Thrall's mom. The Forsaken want *EVERYONE* dead, only to be raised again at a later time. The blood elves want their land and maybe some kind of gum to help with their mana addiction. The Orcs and Trolls seem to just want to be left alone, maybe the Tauren too. No one trusts the Forsaken, I would venture a guess that they don't even trust each other.

All this stuff manifests itself, to some extent, in the quests that are done. When you get done with Tarren Mill, you just leave thinking that those Undead a-holes are up to no good. You get done in Feralas and you think to yourself, I would not want to anger the Tauren, they WILL hunt you down. That is about as far as I have gotten on the Horde side, but I expect things like that to continue through Outland and especially Northrend.

So maybe I like leveling because I like the story, even if I have heard it a few times before. That, and I haven't done all of the quests, I haven't seen all the zones, and I haven't seen everything from both sides yet. And yes, I will probably be one of those people LFG for SWP/MH/BT/SSC just because I have never seen them either. Chances are that I won't see them, because no one is ever interested in running old stuff, but hey, a guys gotta try!

And yes, I am OCD for some Pally action. Don't get me wrong, I like other classes. In fact I have a bunch of alts that are different classes. But my best chances for long term success/sustained interest seem to lie with Paladins. And I thought I was done leveling for a while. But, I think that more applies to leveling in Northrend on the Alliance side. This is different, at least a little bit. I am also in no hurry to progress quickly on Dradis. I really don't want to get burned out and disinterested in WoW becuase I am pushing to hard to fast. I don't want to be progressed so far right now that I am waiting on the next content patch for something to do. Not my idea of a good time. C'est la vie.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ding 80!!!!

Well I hit 80 on Friday afternoon! It was a great feeling. But, now its more questing still. I would like to finish everything in Northrend. Then I am going to work back through Outland and Azeroth for the Loremaster achievement. I have managed to come within 1 point of the defense cap, so that makes me happy. I need to go look for upgrades so I can start collecting those as well. Ahhhh.... 80. Now the rest of the game starts again.

Oh yeah, I got my Black War Bear mount. It is awesome! I pugged with a group ranging from 70-80. Went pretty well, and it was a lot of fun! And school is out for a while, so time to game game game until Jan 5th when school starts back up again. Oh yeah, I changed my major to Web Development. I am excited!

Go go Pally Bear Mount!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ding 79!

Woot! Dinged 79 on my Pally earlier this morning. Still chugging along to 80. Should hit that tomorrow morning. So far I have cleared out Borean Tundra, Howling Fjord, Dragonblight, and Grizzly Hills. I am almost done with Zul'Drak too. Then I am heading to Icecrown for some hot quest rewards.

I have leveled Prot most of the way. I have to say that I don't think there will be anything easier to level then a Prot Pally. In fact, the only quest I ended up needing a group for was the last three parts of Amphitheater of Anguish. I solo'd the first three parts. Everything else requiring a group has been done easily on my own. That is a huge time saver! I also rarely need to stop for anything. There is virtually no downtime thanks to Divine Plea. That is possibly the best spell I have seen for Paladins overall. Thank you Blizz!!

DK will be next to 80. I am not in a big hurry for that though. I think I am about done with leveling for a little while. I can't wait to tank some instances though! That will be interesting as I have little experience as a tank.

I did join a new guild today as well. They know I am a tank nub, but they seem more then happy to train me. We will see how it goes.

Almost done with exams too. Woot! Then I will have a two week vacation over Christmas!