Monday, September 29, 2008

Workin' it, Pally style!

So over the weekend I have been playing a LOT of WoW. This is where I am at on Dradis. I got up to honored with Lower City via ~500g in the AH for feathers and about 3 hours of grinding for the rest. Not a huge accomplisment hitting honored, and I could have done it much faster via a run through Slabs, which I have never done. But, no one wants a Ret pally in their group right now, and no one was really looking to group between 2am and 5am. This got me the blue PvP chest. I know, not exactly epic loot, but I want to get as much Ret gear as I can between now and the patch. That way I have a shot at getting into some heroics, and maybe even Kara before Wrath hits. At this point I am gearing to see content. I know I won't get real far, but I figure I can at least see all the 5-mans (which I haven't) and Kara. If I make it that far, then I will be happy. I may even find a guild in the process. Loot doesn't concern me too much since I will have plenty of opportunity to replace it in Notherend.

I have also been knocking out dailies for cash, and I have been playing the AH. To that end, I am trying a strategy that was developed by Kunzite and Bizzlewick where you are essentially disenchanting for fun and profits. I will get some links on the sidebar latter so you can see what I am talking about. I can't really link at work either, which is where I am writing this. It seemst to be working ok for both Dradis and Ryukyu. I have noticed that it is much easier to move mats on Runetotem Ally server then it is Ajzol-Nerub Horde server. Runetotem's economy is very robust it would seem. However, I am not seeing the profits I would like, but then again I have been spending money on both toons for training, enchants, gear, gems, etc, so that means I have less money to reinvest.

On the Horde side, I just dinged 49 on Ryukyu over the weekend. I have been using Jame's Horde leveling guide. It works great! In fact I am about 2 levels ahead of it, but I have also been doing some extra quests just for fun. For example, I wanted to get my cooking leveled up to 200 so I did the cooking quest, something I have never done before. That got me a little extra XP. And really, the reason I did that was so I could complete the quests from Captain Heckleberry Smotts in Booty Bay. I solo'd all three of the elite giants for that questline, which was a lot of fun. And really, isn't this game supposed to be about having fun? In any case, I am probably going to shelf Ryukyu until after the WotLK. Why? Well for one, I have a lot of content in BC I want to see. I am fooling myself if I think I have time to get Ryukyu up there to see it. I can more easily accomplish that goal with Dradis, so that is where I should spend the majority of my time. Also leveling will be much easier post Patch 3.0.2, so I should at least wait for that to drop.

How do I know this? Well I transferred Ryukyu to the PTR, and what a difference a patch can make! I transferred him at level 46. I walked from Gadgetzan to about the middle of the edge of Un'goro, where I died for the first time. I killed everything in my path. I gained 1 level. I never stopped to drink or eat or bandage. Orange mobs died like they were green. Red mobs died like they were yellow. The only reason I died in Un'Goro was because I got surrounded by three level 51 Raptors and then the stealth Devilsaur joined in. I lasted for a good while, blew all my cooldowns, and then I was dino food. It was crazy though. Compare that to live where I have to stop killing after every 5-8 mobs, and I am generally try to stay in the green mob range to make life easier on myself. So, Ryukyu will be businessman for few months, working the AH and disenchanting.

That leaves the question of my last two high level toons, Crushwolf the Orc Shaman, and Dakkar the Draenei Hunter. The hunter is easy. I will be shelving her for a while, who knows how long. If everything stays peaches and cream with Ret Paladins, I see little need for an additional DPS alt for a while, maybe even long into WotLK. Crushwolf is a different animal. I have mixed feelings. First of all, I am not way into the Shaman thing, although I will be the first to say that Enchancement, even in live, is badass. Things die and they die quick. Sustained DPS? For sure! Group buffs? You bet. Utility? Like a Swiss Army knife baby! But something just doesn't get me all excited about playing the Shaman. I don't get that warm and fuzzy that my two Paladins or my Hunter give me. Hell I am even more excited to log onto my 35 Warlock, mainly because I get to feel all evil for a little while.

However, there is this sense of duty I feel toward my brother to get her up 70 at the very least. He gave up 30 levels that he could have used for his Rogue. He really likes his Rogue too. He also spent a good bit of time leveling her to 30 so he could grant the other 30 levels. It just seems like I need to do it out of respect for what he has given up. At the same time, I can't see her being more then a farmer and a crafter. I don't think there is anything wrong with that, but I think my bro would still be insulted seeing my run around with Ryukyu, putting the real time and attention into him. Its just a game, but there are some emotional attachments to things. So I might just make it a goal to level her to 70 if for nothing else then to keep everything kosher at home. Maybe 1 level a week, that should be doable and still allow more then enough time for me to work on Dradis and see some of the higher end content.

Wow, that is a lot of writing about nothing. I need to get back to work! Anyway, I will post soon about the realities of THE PATCH after it hits. Maybe I will be able to get groups and a guild afterwards. We will see.

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