Monday, September 29, 2008

Gotta get me some Mounts!

Its been a slow night. I was thinking about achievements and one of the achievements that I would really like to get is the 50 mount achivement. My understanding is that once you get 50 mounts, are awarded a special White Dragon Epic Flying Mount. I have not confirmed this yet, but I have heard it from several people who I trust. So I was thinking about how I could do this on my Paladins. Here is what I came up with:

Class Mounts:
2x Holy Horses

Total - 2

Standard Flying Mounts:

3x Flying Mounts
3x Epic Flying Mounts

Total - 6

Faction Mounts:
3x Sabers
3x Swift Sabers
3x Rams
3x Swift Rams
3x Mechano-Striders
3x Swift Mechano-Striders
3x Horses
3x Swift Horses
3x Elekks
3x Swift Elekks
3x Wolves
3x Swift Swift Wolves
3x Raptors
3x Swift Raptors
3x Undead Horses
3x Swift Undead Horses
3x Kodos
3x Swift Kodos
3x Hawkstriders
3x Swift Hawkstriders

Total - 60 (30 for each side)

Rep Mounts:
3x Sha'tari Nether Rays
3x Talbuks
1x Hippogryph
3x Netherwing Drakes
1x Wintersaber Trainers (Alliance only)

Total - 11

PvP Mounts:
5x PvP Mounts

Total - 5

Craftable Mounts:
2x Engineering Mounts
1x Tailoring Mount (not implemented yet)

Total - 3

Loot Mounts:
1x Baron Rivendare (good luck!)
1x Amani Warbear (better get this soon!)
1x Attumen the Huntsman's Mount
1x Zul'Garrub (sp?) Raptor
1x Sunstrider Phoenix
1x Magisters Terrace Hawkstrider
2x Brewfest Mounts (yes, sadly this is loot now)
1x Winterfestival Reindeer
1x Broomstick

Total - 10

Grand Total - 67

I laid it out on what I think is the easiest to the hardest mounts to get. I may also have forgetten a few or have the wrong number of available mounts. I will update this later, I just wanted to get my thoughts out real quick. But, that is 15 more mounts then the requirement that I can think of. Paladins, and I guess Warlocks, have it a bit easier since we get two class mounts. Unless of course they don't count, but I don't see why they wouldn't. This will take a lot of time, and a good chunk of gold. It definantly won't be easy to get the achievement, but I guess that is why it's an achievement. That White Dragon is gonna look nice with Dradis on top of it!
EDIT: As it turns out I am way off on this. If you see this warning, please not I have not corrected this post. And I may not correct it, cause I might forget about it.

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