Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ding 80!!!!

Well I hit 80 on Friday afternoon! It was a great feeling. But, now its more questing still. I would like to finish everything in Northrend. Then I am going to work back through Outland and Azeroth for the Loremaster achievement. I have managed to come within 1 point of the defense cap, so that makes me happy. I need to go look for upgrades so I can start collecting those as well. Ahhhh.... 80. Now the rest of the game starts again.

Oh yeah, I got my Black War Bear mount. It is awesome! I pugged with a group ranging from 70-80. Went pretty well, and it was a lot of fun! And school is out for a while, so time to game game game until Jan 5th when school starts back up again. Oh yeah, I changed my major to Web Development. I am excited!

Go go Pally Bear Mount!!!