Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Few Updates.... Cause I Am Bored Again.....

Well this one week hiatus from blogging is not going well, but I am getting all my extra crap done, so who cares.

Dradis got her 4/4 Tier 2 Look-a-Like set today. Many thanks to Jendreka the Healy Shaman. I know picking flowers would have been more productive for him, but I think smiting undead was probably more fun. I got /spit on too by a Hunter for yanking two Shades of Doom at the same time. Funny thing is, he had more then enough time to aggro one or two of them before I did, he just took too long. If I didn't get them someone else would have. Snooze you lose? I think so. Of course had he communicated with us and asked for an invite, then he would have been able to have access to both of them as well. Not to mention that we could have probably tagged all four of the Shades at the same time and burned them down just as fast with the additional DPS from the Hunter.

Moral of the story, don't complain about people being ninjas if you have more then enough time to communicate with the "ninja" group ahead of time. Pot calling the kettle black? Just a little bit, yeah. Why? Well if group A doesn't want to combine efforts that means they have as much intention of keeping those kills away from group B as they perceive group B to have the same intention of keeping kills from them, if that makes sense. Whatever. I just didn't respond to Mr. Hunter after his verbal bashing and /spit. Of course Jen felt it necessary to laugh at him, but hey, someone had to.

Again, feeling a little better toward Dradis the Paladin. Getting back into the swing of it. Draedus is coming along nicely too. She should be hitting 69 after I turn in all the quests in her log. Then its off to Nagrand and hopefully level 70. Even if she doesn't hit 70 pre-WotLK, its not a big deal since she will be able to quest in Northerend. And hell I may just keep questing in outland with her since it would be pretty empty and pretty easy. I am not even sure I want to buy her regular flying mount though. I won't be able to use it until level 77 in Northerend, and that could be a while since I will probably level Dradis first since there seems to be more of a need for Replenishment and the other Ret Pally buffs then the Warlock utility. At least as far as I can tell. Could be wrong. Team feedback would be helpful in that regard. But in any case, that 1000 gold could be better invested since it won't really provide a lot of use in Northerend.

Also, I am considering leveling Engineering now on Dradis as well as Draedus. There is a lot of neat stuff coming up, and it would be nice to have it available to both toons. The ability to track and extract motes would be a nice money maker too, that is if motes are still needed in WotLK. I guess I could poke around some Beta forums to try and find out. And then there are the mounts. Biker Warlock Babe? As BRK would say, Fo Shizzle!

What else? Working on a bunch of achievements still on Dradis since she is farther along. It makes the most sense to me to have her work on achievements since I have no desire to repeat that on another toon. Don't get me wrong, I love getting achievements, but its not necessary to get them all done twice. Also, Dradis would look sexy riding a White Dragon with the title Argent Crusader, which both require achievements. Draedus, would look awesome riding a motorcycle with the title Hell's Angel. But, the bike does not require an achievement, and the title is not yet available (come on Blizz, you know you need to add that one in). Really there are no good titles for a Warlock that I can see, so that just further solidifies my choice to work on achievements with Dradis, not Draedus.

I should really think of a different naming scheme. Maybe just all D's, but not so damn similar. Maybe I will rename Dradis, it wouldn't be the first time, she used to be named Solenia, but I wanted something more gender neutral. In retrospect, it was actually a cool name and I should have just left it way. Gender neutrality be damned. Draedus I really like though, and it seems somehow fitting for a Warlock, so that's a keeper.

What's in a name though? About $10 dollars, that's what.

Of course, I would still leave comments and do blog posts as Dradis, there is no need to change that. A little separation from my toons would be nice though. Especially since my two mains are both chicks, and I am not. And I only specifically made the Pally a girl, and that was mostly because I thought the female Draenei model looked more balanced then the male model. That seems to be par for the course though. And she has a hot ass. That was a factor, not gonna lie. Did I say that? I meant she had a HoT heal. Yeah, that's what I meant. What? The male Draenei have that too? Huh, the more you know I guess (cue music). But I digress.

The Warlock just ended up that way, I had no say in the matter. Although, she looks more like a caster then a male Human would look like a caster. Mainly because she looks smaller and less intimidating then the Arnold Schwarzenegger model that Blizz choose for the guys. Who knew Mages, Warlocks, and Priests liked to go to Gold's Gym in their off time?

Rambling post is rambling.

And the picture has nothing to with the post, I just like that card.

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