Friday, November 21, 2008

Leveling my DK

Well I am about to hit 71. I think it should only take about an hour when I get home. I have tried out each spec, mostly switching between Blood and Unholy. I know that most would go Unholy for leveling, if for nothing else then On A Pale Horse. However, I am currently using a 44/17/0 build. Let me tell you, it friggen rocks! I smash things like you wouldn't believe. I specced into all DPS talents, so I don't think this build will be real good for tanking. However, some of the strong points of what I have come up with are:

- Blood Aura for health regen while in Unholy Presence
- Haste Haste Haste
- Lots of RP
- Lots of Health Regen
- Awesome single target DPS
- Oddly, my AOE DPS is not too much different from Unholy. Just have to spam Blood Boil instead waiting for RP for Unholy Blight.
- I don't miss the Gargoyle or Unholy Blight too much since they really sucked down the RP, especially the Gargoyle
- I do miss the Ghoul, but the Bloodworms are good company too

All in all, I will be sticking with this spec through 80. I miss On A Pale Horse a lot, but I like the feel of this spec a lot, and that more then makes up for it. Also, several classes are missing a talent/ability that gives a mounted movement speed increase, so I am in no worse position than they are.

Amadis is definately my new main. I will level up the Warlock and the Paladin later. If you haven't rolled a Death Knight yet, you should. If you are busy leveling your main though, of course wait til later. But I feel that you will be doing yourself a disservice if you don't roll one at some point to see the storyline.

Borean Tundra, not terribly exciting. I was kinda awestruck when I first landed there, but overall, I don't care for the zone to much. That being said, I really like Coldarra. It just looks cool and the whole dragon thing over there is awesome. Aside from that area though, Borean Tundra is just somewhere for me to get a few levels. I have heard really good things about Howling Fjord though, so that is where I am heading next.

Suffer well.

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