Wednesday, November 5, 2008

On Annoying Your Healer.....

Don't do it. Its bad mmmkay. I came to this conclusion after an evening of Scourge hunting with Jendreka the Healy Shaman and our resident Doomkin, Moontree. So I go running along in EPL taking in the scenery. And what do I spot but a gaggle of undead mobs. Meanwhile, Jen is on mute giving orders I cannot hear. If you can't hear them, then its not your fault that you don't follow them. Best course of action when you don't know what to do is to drop DoTs on everything you can see and then start AoEing. This accomplishes two things:

1) If said healer is NOT on mute, then you will continue to hear silence because he will heal you through the damage, its what they do. Damage probably wasn't that serious anyway.

2) If said healer IS on mute, they will realize it very quickly, unmute themselves, and yell at you while making sure you don't die. You were taking a lot of damage. For shame clothie newb cakes. (I can't seem to remove my newb socks when I am grouped. WTB Epic Pwnzor Socks)

Unfortunatly when fighting undead, panic fear bomb is out the question, meaning that if you were too ambitous with your plan to wake up your healer, then you go splat. Soul Stone FTW? I think so.

Got the Argent Dawn Tabard on Draedus though. Woot! I am considering doing some solo gringing for the tabard on Dradis as well. It's not her fault that the devs hate her, so maybe I should lay off the punishment a bit. Actually, maybe I should give the devs more of a chance and just ride it out. I don't know, I am torn a little. I had some big plans for Dradis and things were going pretty well. I do enjoy being the evil Warlock, however. I could do both, but one of them has to be my main. I should consult the guild. Hate being kicked in the teeth though. Hate it. Lots. Curse you Blizzard.

Altaholism is kicking in again. I have been tempted to move Dakkar the Hunter up to 70 as well as Dakhar the Druid. I don't know what purpose that would serve as No Maam has little need for a second Hunter or a third Druid. I am the only Pally though, and the only person the can consistently provide Replenishment, which makes me feel a little selfish for not using her as much. Sigh. I would think that I was raised Catholic as many guilt issues as I have.

Not providing your healer with mana via Replenishment also annoys your healer. As well as your caster DPS. They won't say it, but you can see the betrayal in their eyes. True story.

Anyway, Draedus is moving along nicely, only 20% to 69. I would guess that I would ding 70 before finishing the Nagrand quests. That would be nice! If only Warlocks had Replenishment. Started tailoring today as well. Got up to 65 before I rushed off off to EPL to kill Scourge.

Is Righteous Vengeance bugged? I don't seem to ever see it debuff a mob. Also, there is still no difference between SoComm damage and SoM damage. Did that hotfix go live yet? Oh yeah, SoM questing is a bad thing indeed. Backlash damage from a long string of crits after killing 10 mobs or so puts a big giant dent in an already tiny health pool (relative to Warriors). That reminds me, where is my Warrior alt...... bah seem to have deleted him.

To sum up, feeling a little better about the Paladin. There is a lot of comfort there and some feelings of attachment. But the Warlock..... I have never had so much fun leveling. The feelings of power are fantastic.

And grats Barry Obie on getting High Warlord err..... President.

And yeah lots of free time at work in case your wondering.

Incoherent post is incoherent.

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