Sunday, November 23, 2008

Level 73!

Woot! Dinged 73 earlier this morning. I have almost finished all but four quests in Dragonblight. I need to review WoWhead to see what I missed. Dragonblight is by far my favorite zone in the game at the moment. Its a very epic place between the storyline and the scenery. You get to see crazy Ysera even! And the Wrathgate, OMFG!!!! I won't say what happens, but I hope there is more of this stuff. And after I figure out what quests I missed and get honored with the dragons, then I am heading over to Howling Fjord.

I am still Blood specced, but On A Pale Horse was too much to live without, so I am Blood/Unholy now.

Blog posts are still going to be slow. I have a lot on my plate right now. Thanksgiving, school, family, leveling Amadis, its a lot to do. The blog is going to take a back seat, but I will get at least one post in per week. Have no fear, they will have as little actual content as always. I have also been toying around doing an RP story for Amadis. Inspired by the one and only Ratshag! Actually Khol Drake's "A Stab in the Dark" had me thinking about it first, but Ratters just about gave me that extra nudge. We will see.

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