Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Breath of Fresh Air

As I stated in my recent post, I am done with the Paladin thing. Of course I will still play Dradis, but she will be for grinding dailies and doing my auction house stuff. I really hate drama. This Paladin crap over the last few weeks has been nothing but drama, and I am just a little burnt out on it. So I have decided to move on so I can stop getting hung up on this crap and actually continue having fun.

So I spent a good bit of time last night figuring out which class to re-roll. After a lot of time looking and thinking, I came to the conclusion that the Warlock was the way to go. I have a mid level Undead Warlock on Azjol-Nerub that I really enjoyed playing, so it made sense to me to go with that. I made a level 1 Human Warlock and started playing earlier this morning. About fifteen minutes into it, my brother came in to see what I was doing. I told him, and he said "Oh, well I have a level 60 Human Warlock that I haven't touched since before the Burning Crusade. You can have her if you want."

Yes please! Thank you! I quickly setup the account transfer, Blizzard approved it, and voila! My level 1 Warlock was magically transformed to a level 60. Guess thats what its gonna feel like when you roll a DK. On the upside, I am already somewhat familiar with the class from playing that Undead Warlock, so figuring things out and setting up buttons wasn't too bad. I specced Affliction, and I will give that a whirl for a while. I will probably toy with Demonology at some point for Metamorphasis if nothing else, but I need to work on getting to 70 first.

So first things first after the transfer. Lets take a peek at what I have for equipment. A few blues, bunch of trinkets, and about 111 spellpower. Nothing great but it should be servicable until I get some Outland gear on. Whats in the bags? Lots of engineering stuff. Bunch of trinkets, a few Dark Runes, and some Whipper Roots. Interesting.

Next up is a skill inventory. She still needed Expert Riding. She has 300 Mining, 300 Engineering. Decent fishing. 1/75 Cooking. Maxed out First Aid. Not too shabby. My first thought is to drop mining. I have Dradis to farm and make money in the AH, I have no intetion of farming ore, skins, or herbs on my Warlock. Engineering seems neat, so for now it can stay. If it proves to be useless, well I can drop it later. So what would I pick up in place of Mining? Tailoring! There are some sexy tailored pieces that I would like to make, and I suspect it will stay that way through WotLK.

Ok, inventory check completed. Off to the AH to get some new bags because those 14 slot Runecloth bags just weren't doing it for me. After that, it was over to the bank to check out that situation. The bank looked a little empty, mostly full of just engineering supplies. Thats ok though. So I went ahead and picked up all the remaing bank slots, replaced the crappy bags that were in there, and now I have a lot of storage space.

Next thing up was to take a quick trip over to the riding trainer in Elwynn Forest. I got the training, and the Epic Mount. Great, now we are cooking with gas, as Jendreka would say. I would do the epic mount quest, but once 3.0.3 goes live, the Epic Mount will be trainable, so there is really no point. Especially since this is going to be quite a race to get to 70 by 12:01AM November 13.

Anyway, next stop was the Dark Portal and Outland, and off I went. I completed the quests to get me too Honor Hold, did the the quests to get me out of Honor Hold and into the zone, and I did the first two quests out there before heading off to work.

First impressions are really really good! Of course this is still the honeymoon stage, but I actually feel pretty powerful and there is a lot of flexibility. I think the trick is going to be figuring out how to take on 3 and 4 mobs at once, but first I need to get a spell rotation down. I am going need to do quite a bit of research to figure this class out completely. Should be fun!


SolidState said...

Gz on the new char, but...

and about 111 spellpower

That's got to be a typo :)

Dradis said...

Uhhhhh..... no. Not a typo :P I dont know what was going on with the gear on this one. The metric ton of +spirit sure doesn't help much either. Oh well. I figure I will be regeared almost completely before I head off to work again tonight. In which case, I will post new stats. Sad part is, I can still do about 250 dps and I barely know what I am doing. Just imagine what will happen when I nail down a rotation!

K said...

Welcome to the Dark Side. There is nothing you can't do now!

SolidState said...

Hmmm spirit shouldn't do much for Warlocks since they have Lifetap to get back mana.

Following even a few pieces of green Outland gear from the first few quests you should easily double that spellpower, even more. So don't worry too much about buying gear from AH.

Just imagine what will happen when I nail down a rotation!

Just a rumor, but I heard the new Affliction was really hard in terms of nailing down an effective rotation. You might want to go as Destruction (or Demonology for easier soloing) until you've got a better handle on the class.

Best of luck :)

Dradis said...


Dark Side indeed! Souls! Souls everywhere! It should be crime to enjoy death so much.....


Outland gear is pretty nice, and fairly well allocated as far stats go. So unless there is some hole in my gear, then no, I won't be going to the AH buy gear.

As far as the rotation, it does seem to be a little tricky, but I also have a lot of tools at my disposal and I have virtually no downtime.

So far this is the rotation I came up with:

Haunt, CoA, Fear, Corruption, SL, /dance

Am I doin right?

SolidState said...

Whatever works for you. The /dance seems to be at the right location in the rotation, but as I don't play a Warlock I'm not 100% sure.

Mages FTW! :D

Peregrine said...

Another brave soul lost to the dark evil of Blizzard's nerf bat...

GL with the new chara, we'll miss you on the pally side of things though :)

BTW, Warlocks are killage incarnate, so it was a good choice, but... sooooo boring... you basically spend your entire PvP life spamming DoT's on everyone, and then respamming them because by the time you've got them all down the first ones have almost expired.

But to each his own - maybe I'm not doing it right ^^

Herc said...

Sorry to hear you gave up on your pally.

I also have a 60 lock and looking forward to do some quest in Outlands with the wife but ... I'm also leveling a paladin which will be 60 after I give him 30 levels via RAF at the same time have a level 60 druid, 60 shaman, 60 rogue .... aaaahhh I need help.

Reading this made me interested in my lock again though =)

Dradis said...

@ peregrine

I know it sucks, but it happens. I guess I just feel a little like Publishers Clearing House knocked on my door, check in hand. Then after handing me the check, they kicked my in the testicles and promptly took the check back and speed off in the van. Something like that.

Any who, I will still be here. And I will eventually have to get Dradis to 80 so she can keep DEing stuff out of the AH and so she can send out enchants to myself and teh guild. I just won't be raiding with her unless there is a "business need" associated with it like a specific recipe.

I hope you guys still visit though, I promise to be marginally less cranky for AT LEAST a few days :P

Dradis said...

@ Herc

For Pony!