Saturday, October 18, 2008

On Rolling a New Pally

So I have been doing some thinking here at work today. I really need a project for this blog, and I would like it to be Paladin related. If I don't come up with a project, well I think that this may turn into a place where I put random thoughts more then I already do. I already have several alts, with Dradias being the most interesting at the moment, so it would almost seem silly to start up another alt, much less on a class that I already have. But I actually enjoy leveling. It is fun for me. That and I get to start fresh on achievements, which is good and bad. And I really want another Paladin, for some unfathomable reason. I am also curious to see how big of an impact the new changes in 3.0.2 have made on the leveling curve for a Pally. Will I be able to beat my Hunters time to 61?

The idea would be to start this Pally up from Level 1 and go to all the way out to Level 80. I could document the journey here, and hopefully it will be of some use to a fresh Paladin leveling to 80.

I also decided that my group of alts needs a little testosterone thrown in there, as I have no male toons at all on the Alliance side. Doesn't say much for me other then I am impressed (obsessed?) by pixelated curves. So then it comes down to race. But there is only one race that can be a Paladin and that is the Draenei. Right. So thats out of the way.


What was that? Dwarves AND Humans can be Pallies too? Surely you jest. And those hoity toity Blood Elves?! What is this world coming to!

Yeah ok so there are four races that can be pallies. I am going with Draenei. And here is why.

If that is not a good enough reason to roll a Draenei, I don't know what is. Ok well the extra 1% to hit is awesome and so is the Gift of the Naruu. So no complaints on either account. So, we are going with a Paladin Space Goat. But what kind?

Not furry enough to be a Gorilladin. And it would seem that the LOLadin's time has passed so that is not an option. Well I am hoping its passed. So options are PAOEladin, Tankadin, Shockadin, Holydin, Retadin. PAOEladin and Tankadin are close, Tankadin have more points in tanky talents, PAOElodin having more points in damage talents. But I really don't feel like being all tanky, at least not as while leveling. Killing mobs for XP just takes way too long. Questing is the way to go. Shockadin might be dead, so that is a no go. Holydin is not the way I wanna roll. So that leaves Retadin. Darn. Oh well, it is what it is.

So Space Goat Retadin it is. Now for a name. Just for the sake of consistency, I think I will be looking for something close to Dradis. Maybe Draydis. It will at least start with a D. Why D? Cause its my favorite size.

Batteries people! Batteries! Jeez!

Anyway, time to go home. I am going to make my baby Pally, study for my test in the morning and take a nap. More to come. But probably not until Sunday night. I have my itty bity gamer in training all day Saturday and Sunday morning. Then I will need to take her back home on Sunday,sleep a bit, and work on more homework. Maybe I will squeeze in a post with a picture of the new toon. We will see.

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