Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Plan now that the Patch is out....

Ok so the patch is here and things seem to be working. I only got to play for like 30 minutes before I had to head off to work, but oh well. Early Tuesday morning I started downloading updated addons. I thought I was terrible clever. I was wrong.

It would seem that Outfitter, Bagnon, X-Perl, Healbot, WIM, Auctioneer, Dominos, Deadly Boss Mods, and Postal were all supposed to be updated for 3.0.2. I downloaded them all. Only Bagnon and Outfitter are working at the moment. Sigh.

So when I get home I am going to go through all my addons again and see if I can at least get the majority of them to work. I really just need Auctioneer, Dominos (or equivalent), and X-Perl (or equivalent) to work. And even at that, I really could just do with Auctioneer. I have over 100 auctions to manage, sometimes 200, and I don't really enjoy scouring the AH for deals on gear to DE. Auctioneer handles all that for me, and I don't think I could do without for to long and still make money. Now should also be a primetime to get my mats sold. I think that with Inscription coming online, there is going to be an increased demand for enchanting mats since enchants can be sold on the AH now.

Once I get my addon situation squared away, I am going to start knocking out those dailies with blazing speed! I need to finish paying Jendreka back after all. I also need to check and see if I can still get the "of the Shattered Sun" title. I really doubt it, but it will take all of two seconds to check. After that, I am going to see if I can't get into Kara somehow. I really want to see it.

Then I am also going to work on getting as many low level quests knocked out as possible. This is just for rep and for the quest achievement. Yes, I am going to be an achievement whore. I have been waiting for something like this for a while, and I fully plan to have some fun with it.

Then there is the alt. Thanks to Euripedes and Jendreka, I have rolled a Mage alt. Draenei female named Dradias. What can I say, I think Draenei females look good and they don't run like they have a pant load. At this point she is sitting at level 11. Anytime I am bored, I will be logging on to her to level.

This is my third Mage by the way. The last two were deleted in fits of frustration. Highest I have reached was level 16. This time around is going way smoother for some reason. I don't know why, but it is. I think I may have learned how to play the game better in the last few months since I rolled my last Mage. We will see though. If things start to go crappy this time though, I will just shelf her and come back when I am less cranky instead of getting all delete happy.

Mage is a challenging class. Mana conservation, spell rotation, and spell cooldowns are all things that need to be managed to be successful. As a clothie, you are dead if a mob can get few good hits on you. There are also no emergency buttons like Hunters, Rogues, and Paladins have at the same level. Basically, you get Frost Nova. If that is resisted, it's on cooldown, or you get another add after using it, you are screwed. Now, do realize that I will be immenesly harder to kill as I get more levels and new abilities. Especially once I get Ice Block and I can just wait for my Frost Nova to come back up. That will be handy. Blink will also be handy for escapes as well. But that doesn't help me now. Right now, I have to be crafty and rely on controlling the situation while having an escape plan ready. Of course in most cases an escape plan is just as simple as keeping in mind a safe path of escape and having a health pot on a hot key.

Dakkar may also get a little love as I hear that Steady Shot is trainable at level 50 or so. She is 61 at the moment, so really close anyway, but I was getting a little bored with the lackluster damage, the high mana usage, and same old button presses. Adding Steady Shot should help to alleviate those problems, except the mana part. I am also curious about how the new talents will work out. After all, she got a full refund too. I don't really see myself getting to into Dakkar though. She is way off on the back burner. I will have her to level 80 for WotLK at some point though, I just am not really making her a priority.

Then there are my boatload of alts on Azjol-Nerub. Well, honestly, I have no interest in them. Aside from my bro, I don't really know anyone else on Azjol. I don't like the economy there, and I don't like that it is in Mountain Time and I am on Eastern Time. 2 hour time difference is a pain in the rear. Runetotem is at least only on Central Time. 1 hour makes a huge difference, for serious. My brother has also been rarely home lately. This is not a bad thing at all, but it means that I don't really have any incentive to be on his server. I also relinquished Crushwolf back to him at his request. I had no room to argue since I had very little time invested into her and only $25 for the character transfer. No harm, no foul. Now my highest level toon is Ryukyu at level 48. I am curious to see how leveling is with a Paladin now that the patch is in full swing, but I am more tempted to start a Draenei male Pally named Ryukyu rather then continue leveling on a server that I could care less about.

I ramble a lot. For that I apologize. I also realize that my posts have very little in the way of gaming content. Well once I figure out something to write about that is more then me just thinking out loud, I will post it. Until then, this is all you get. If anyone has any ideas, drop me a line. I may do something about how I make money and perhaps do some analysis, similar to the Greedy Goblin but with a different slant. Soemthing that is more enchanting oriented and more on how to make things like Auctioneer work for you.

I might also do a few pieces on how to solo instances as a Ret Pally. With our improved AOE, mana regen, health regen, and instant FoL, we should be able to do at least as well if not better then a Prot Pally. I think I will start with the lowest level instances and work toward the highest. I can do this while I finish out a bunch of those achievements. I guess I will need to work out a format for that as well so it is easier to read. Thoughts and comments on that idea would be welcome.

Oh yeah, in case any of you didn't know, Ret pallies are weak sauce now. Please feel free to come up and take me out in BGs. No really, we can only equip cloth armor and our max DPS is like 200 in full S4. So really you Warlocks can just walk right up and melee me down, I promise I won't hurt you. Would I lie to you?


Anonymous said...

I put all of the 3.0.2 versions of the major addons on my site yesterday.....because all my friends are helpless.


Ryukyu said...

We are helpless Jen... thank you!