Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chain Killing DoT Death Rotation of Death

As I soldier on with the newly transferred Warlock, Draedus (I am soooo original), I have made a few observations. But, first I want to get you all up to speed real quick on her progression. So I started yesterday at level 60. I am now level 62 (and a half), and I don't even think I am halfway done with HFP. I would suspect that Draedus is going to leave there at about level 63 and a half, provided I can get groups for Ramps and Blood Furnace.

Spell damage has gone up to a whooping 327 with Fel Armor. Fel Armor is super tasty by the way, and no Warlock should leave home without it. Is there any reason to go back to Demon Armor at this point? Anyway, that spellpower increase is almost triple what I started with. Single target DPS has increased from around 250dps to 350dps. Of course, I have learned that single target killing is for sissies. Generally I try to DoT a mob, move to the next closest one, DoT them, lather rinse repeat. Hit Dark Pact as needed, keep moving. Generally you can just follow the trail of dead bodies if you need to find me. Of course I can't keep doing that forever, I have to loot at some point ya know. When doing this I can typically run at about 400dps. I have managed to keep that going for a maximum of 10 minutes. I stopped though because bodies were disappearing on me.

Ok so here is what I have found so far. I have created this rotation as it seems to be the most logical to me to have the longest DoTs cast at the beginning, although I haven't really sat down and thought about why that makes sense, so there is a good chance I am doing this backwards. Here is the rotation:

1) Haunt - Ok this is short duration, but it serves two purposes. It keeps me topped off moving from mob to mob, and casting it early almost guarantees that it will have enough time to go off. It also increases the damage of the all the other DoTs that get cast next.
2) Siphon Life - This keeps me evened out, since it seems to heal for about as much as I get hit for. It can't quite keep up with the fast hitters though
3) Curse of Agony - Next longest DoT. Straight damage.
4) Corruption - Shortest DoT. Straight damage.
5) Unstable Affiction - Has a cast time so I save it for last, I have no reason not to do it ealier, it just feels right.
6) 2x Dark Pact - Regen my mana to the tune of about 1600 over 2 GCDs. Maybe throw another one in there if I need it.
7) Move to next mob, restart DoT cycle. Usually by the time I get to step 3, the last mob dies at my feet.

Generally, I keep out my Imp, leave him shifted, and just use him as a mana battery. Fel Armor is always up.

I am more then open to suggestions. I also realize that this probably won't work to well in a group, but I will burn that bridge when I get there.

Again though, this is still the honeymoon stage. Although, I actually don't mind dying for once on a toon. I think that is because I just keep trying to push myself and see how crazy things can get before I am overwhelmed. Sure I die quite a bit, but my wake of destruction, mayhem, and /dancing more then makes up for it.

Anyway, I blame this all on K and Richard (just cause Richard is cool). K, you have created a monster, I hope your happy. I know I am.

And thanks to Jendreka for the invite on my new toon to No Maam :P


K said...

*giggle* Monster making is fun! Don't you agree?

The only thing I'm going to point out is that siphon life, unless they changed it and I failed to notice (which is very feasable), works best the more affliction spells are on a target.

Whether that matters at the soloing/leveling level if you're just throwing dots up and running away and it dies behind you or not... I don't know.

As for where it fits into spell rotation, meh. I hate theorycraft. I tend to cast it last, again due to the increased damage/health from excessive affliction spells.

With siphon life/dark pact/life tap, you never run out of health or mana, even in toe to toe raid boss fights... not that we do now anyway, but we didn't back when it was an issue! Add haunt into the mix and ... *drool*

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the hell out of your warlock! We're fun at parties too!

(I may have mentioned it in a comment on my blog, but just in case I missed it, a good theorycraft/warlock blog to read.. well, two, are Almost Evil and Mystic Chicanery.)

Dradis said...

Hehe. I am running around HFP with a certain glee that I have never had before! Usually, leveling up seems like work. This just! I don't know why, but it is. The only thing I need to figure out is how to tag stuff faster. Although, usually while someone is working on one mob, I am working on two, three, or four if they aren't dying too fast.

Anyway, I have checked out Mystic Chicanery, and its a great site. I really like the article that is up right now on spell hit.

And thanks for adding me to your blogroll K! *hug*