Friday, October 17, 2008

Heroic Sethekk Halls Part Deux

Well Sethekk Halls was the heroic daily, again. I died thrice this time around. I will say that the first death was all me. I got behind a serpent and he bounced me into a bunch of mobs. I pulled aggro and wipage ensued. The other two, I don't know what happened, but I will not take responsibility for it. There was a point where it was just me and Octavian, the other Warrior tank overlord. Ikiss had taken out Jendreka, the Healy Shammy, by sheeping him and then teleporting on his head. Ikiss proceeded to beat him unmerciful. He dispatched our hunter and the other shammy as well. And then there were two.

Had I updated Healbot, Ocatavian and I may have made it through alive. As it was, Octavian was doing really well. My heals were doing ok too. The problem I had was I was so reliant on Healbot that doing multiple clicks to change targets and get off a heal was something I wasn't used too. I needed to heal myself and I just couldn't go fast enough. Then Ikiss smacked me around like I owed him money. My Shiny Plate Metal Ass (SPMA) was on the floor with a quickness. To Octativan's credit, he managed to work Ikiss down to 1000+HP before he bit the dust with the rest of us.

We regrouped and laid the smack down on his ass. It was gratifying, but epic win was within reach before. Alas, I was not prepared.

There are a few things I learned from this run:
1) Just because I am DPSer, I need to be prepared to drop heals. Not just willing, because I have not problem with spot healing, but completely ready. I have now installed the updated Healbot. I will need to reconfigure it for healing as a Ret pally instead of a Holy pally.

2) I need to get a mouseover Righteous Defense macro going and then hot key it to my gamepad somewhere. When the healer says he has adds, I don't need to be messing around with looking for the Righteous Defense button, clicking it, then clicking on the healers frame. Its way too slow, and if a priest or a druid is healing, they will go down quick, so seconds count. I can take a beating a lot longer then they can.

3) In relation to the above, I also need to see what the new pally bubble does. If it reduces my incoming damage by 50%, wipes fear and debuffs, and allows me retain aggro while using RD, then it might be a good idea to have it hotkeyed as well.

4) I need to setup a macro that allows me to quickly switch to my tanks target and assist him/her without the need to actually click anything.

5) I should probably be greeding everything, since I can disenchant. This will allow everyone to roll on shards and I have to do less thinking. I may need to run this by the group if its a PUG. If its any of us in No Maam, then that may become a standing rule.

6) I need to find a new aggro meter, unless Diamond has been updated. I really like Diamond, but when I checked the other day it was still an older version. The new threat stuff in the default UI is nice, but I think it's a little hard to see. I have a enough issues looking for things as it is, so trying to read the tiny threat percentage in the target window is not helpful.

If anyone has any linkage or suggestions for the above, let me know.

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