Wednesday, October 15, 2008

To the QQers.....

Sucks being on the recieving end of the shit stick huh? Now imagine that you have been on that end for, well since the game started all those years ago. Such is the life of Ret Paladins up til yesterday. And it won't last. Let us have our moment. In the immortal words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, "STOP WHINING!"

Nerfs are incoming, or at least that is what GC indicates. As long as we are balanced with other melee DPS, its all good. I have posted this on a few other blogs, but it bears repeating. We NEED to be OP for a little while. Ret Paladins have zero credability among most of the WoW community as solid, sustained, DPS. A reputation has to be built from the ground up in order for us to be accepted among the masses, regardless of our actual output. I can guarantee that there are people who are still saying 'LOLRET' and 'We don't need Ret DPS' right now, in game. Our rep is that crappy.

The other thing to keep in mind is that most of us, myself included, have no idea what a Naxx geared level 80 Paladin is doing for DPS. Is it too high, too low, on par? That is really the only thing that is important in the long run. These 'problems' with Paladins that people currently have are really only applicable for the next month. After that, its literally a new game. And asking for Ret nerfs now is a little short sighted, because these are the people you are going to be bringing with you to Naxx. If they are under performing in Naxx, you have only yourself to blame.

And I know that you might say, "What do I care? I play a (insert class)." Well you should care, if for nothing else then you start riding that slippery slope. Paladins get nerfed to the ground. Who is next? Druids? They are more of a hybrid then Paladins, and even now they can DPS and Tank within the same spec. Nerf them. Then what? Nerf Shaman. They are hybrids too, and they should not be able to dps like a Mage or a Rogue. Nerf Warriors too. They can tank, so they shouldn't be able to DPS like a Rogue. Good job, now you just defeated the whole point of what Blizz was trying to accomplish by making the game less class based, and more people based. It shouldn't be "Is there a Rogue on?", it should be "Is Gimbel on?". The difference being a good player should always be picked over a good class for any role, which is what Blizz is shooting for. Be it healing, DPS, or tanking, you should want to bring good players, not have them warm the bench because they rolled the 'wrong' class. So yes, this rampant QQing can affect you. Be careful what you wish for, or we might be playing TBC all over again.

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