Friday, October 17, 2008

So Warriors Are OP, And I Like IT!!!!

It looks like Warriors got a huge buff. My buddy Sitri was the tank for a Heroic Sethekk Halls that we ran before I went to work. Jendreka was on heals, Odama was our Hunter (sporting Uvuros it would seem), and we had a random Warlock in there too. Before I get into details of the run, here is basically what the damage meters looked like at the end.

-Dradis (me)
-Warlock (can't remember your name, sorry)
-Jendreka (I think he took out a few critters :P)

I can understand why I was at the top, and hopefully Odama and the Lock do too. Mainly it was AOE damage. Between Consecrate and DS, I was doing a lot AOE damage. And so was our tank. He was sitting at about 750-800 dps on about every pull. I was sitting around 1000-1150dps. Can't remember the numbers for the other two. The crazy thing is I only pulled aggro off of Sitri once, and I think I was on the wrong target on that one. The problem for our Hunter and Lock in this situtation should be obvious. With all that AOE damage, my numbers and the tanks numbers were a lot higher. Not to mention the fact that the hunter needs a little time to change targets because once a target is down, the pet runs back and he has to get the pet turned around back to the next mob. He can still pewpew from the back, but that is single target DPS, so he was getting no credit on the mobs that Sitri and I had already half killed while taking out Skull.

Our Lock would be in a slightly different boat. She could have dotted up all the targets and just made sure her DOTs kept ticking. The only problem with that is it takes a while for the DOTs to do their thing, and the mobs might be dead before that happens. Admitidly, I was not paying a lot of attention to the Lock, so I really don't know if she was hitting Shadowbolts on trash or DOTing them up. In any case, I think the group makeup was less then optimal for the Lock to really show what she could do.

And to all you Resto Shaman who are crying that you are no longer viable, put a sock in it. Jendreka did a great job of healing the group and he seems to be more then happy with state of things. I know I was! My shiny plate metal ass did hit the ground twice, but I don't think that was Jen's fault, most likely mine for being dumb :P

Back to Warriors, I really really like the changes that Warriors have recieved. Warrior AOE tanking is the awesome, and they can FINALLY dps. It never made sense to me that a mob would be more threatened by someone who was hurting him for 1/4 of what everyone else in the group was. I know how the mechanics worked, but really does that make sense?

Warrior Tank: Hello Mr Boss.
Boss: Oh hello Mr Tank what can I do for you.
WT: Well I am going to hit with this whiffle ball bat for a few minutes
B: Well you know how angry that makes me, in fact if you do this, I will have to kill you.
WT: That's fine, but do you promise to ignore the Rogue that is going to perforate you, and the Mage that is going to shove shards of ice up your ass?
B: Well yeah! I REALLY hate being hit with whiffle ball bats, so I think the person I will be focusing on is rather obvious.

I welcome my new Warrior overlord..... don't nerf Ret :D

Also, I would like to bid a fond farewell to The Elven Knights. You guys treated me well, and I really liked the cut of your gib.

I would like to follow that up with a thanks to Jendreka, Moontree, and Sitri for inviting me to your newly formed guild, No Maam. GO BUNDY!

EDIT: I guess that would be overlords, since Octavian is bound to rear his head at some point :P

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