Thursday, October 30, 2008


"Hello, my name is Dradis, and I am completionist."

This has got to be the worst part about changing characters at this point in the game. I have somewhere around 2000+ achievement points on Dradis. Draedus, however has somewhere around 200+. I know, not even being 70 yet will tend to hurt my ability to get those achievement points. However, there is a drive to work towards them. My other completionist tendancies also feed into the achievements. For example, I would like to max out all of my primary and secondary professions. I also like collecting pets, mounts, tabards, etc. And there are achievements for all that stuff.

I also like having my map filled out. I would also like to get Exalted with as many factions as possible. More achievements.

So where is the distraction you ask? Well I would like to spend some time getting some of those things knocked out. Problem is, I need to work on getting to 70 first, which precludes my achievements. I guess there are somethings that I could be working on though that may help me out a bit.

First off I can work on professions while I level. And this is the order I would work on them.


First aid is practically maxed out as it is, so I am not worried about that one. That list alone, along with running dailies, should be enough to keep me busy until WotLK. I will also need to be working on making money for yet another epic flyer. Ewww.

Once WotLK hits, I will be running my way up to 80. The only thing that I am going to take time out for is going to be the holiday stuff. I wants my holiday achievements! The Violet Proto Drake is awful hard to pass up. After that, it would be back to exploring and and grinding rep, and running dungeons and raids.

Lots of distractions. But thats a good thing. At least its a good thing when you are not leveling to beat the clock. Oh well. Is it 11/13 yet?

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Herc said...

I feel ya. It's hard enough to take time to finish achievements on my main now I'm working on leveling an alt and his proffesions.